Problems with FTP-Command "msend"

Wed, 21 Sep 88 13:18:24 +0200 (Central European Sommer Time)

We have a problem during filetransfer from VAX to Apollo using the
FTP-Command "msend".

Our hard- and softwareconfiguration:

        VAX 8530 (VMS 4.6, CMU_TCP 6.2)
        MICROVAX (CMU_TCP 6.2)
        Apollo DN3000 (Aegis 9.7, TCP/IP 3.1)

Everytime we start a filetransfer from the VAX 8530 or the MicroVAX to the
Apollo with the command "msend /struc=file /type=ascii /noprompt *.*" (about
80 files, each file 1-100 blocks, only ASCII-character) FTP is aborted after

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