Re: Installing TCP-IP on a CTIX unix system

Wed, 21 Sep 88 13:50:48 EDT


Smile when you say "timewarp." I must assume the difference between
the eastern and western versions is that they assume timing is derived
from line-frequency clocks and that the means used by the power grid
east of the Rockies to synchronize is different from that used westward.
In the east, the master clock is controlled manually from a site in Ohio,
while in the west, the system is closed-loop and automatic. My measurements
disclose a factor of ten reduction in jitter and wander of western clocks
with respect to eastern clocks, which show daily excursions up to five
seconds in summertime. I can tell you about Quebec clocks and Texas clocks
and even German clocks, all of which use different mechanisms. I assume
special versions will be produced for these systems as well.

As for me, I'd use NTP and a crystal-derived clock anyway.


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