UDP max datagram size ?

Richard Stevens (hsi!stevens@uunet.uu.net)
21 Sep 88 20:14:04 GMT

Is there an agreed upon max datagram size for UDP packets ??
I couldn't find one in RFC 768. In looking at the systems
I have access to, I see the original 4.3 BSD had a 9,000-byte
limit on transmit which was then reduced to 2,048 with the
4.3 network updates from Berkeley a few months back. The PC
RT under AIX has a 512-byte limit, while the IBM mainframe
version (FAL) allows up to 2,048. I'm aware of the performance
penalties once you exceed the network's MTU, but I was
wondering if there was a generally agreed upon maximum
(I'll guess there isn't).

As I recall from a few years ago, isn't this the reason the BSD
rwhod packets have a built in limit of information on up to 41-users.

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