Re: Bastard protocol families?

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In article <In article <348@eagle_snax.UUCP> In article <348@eagle_snax.UUCP> geoff@eagle_snax.UUCP ( R.H. coast near the top) writes:
> "Apple's interest in TCP/IP will legitimize the protocol in much
> the same manner that A/UX legitimized UNIX," said Vint Cerf,
> Vice President of ... a nonprofit thinktank in Reston VA.

This is remarkably similar to the DG ad described in "Soul of a New Machine"
which said something like "IBM says its entry into the minicomputer market
will legitimize it. The bastards say 'Welcome.'", which I howled over.
Of course, to this day, the best use I've seen for an IBM mini is the
Series/1 at CMU's ITC that works the badge readers and the Coke machine.
Saying that A/UX legitimized unix would be like saying that our sun ipc board
legitimized msdos.....

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