Proteon p4200 Packet Drop Rates

Frank Kastenholz (KASTEN@MITVMA.MIT.EDU)
Wed, 21 Sep 88 08:24:38 EDT

Does anyone have any numbers on packet dropping by Proteon p4200 IP Routers?
Please include a description (brief!) of your environment.

I have set up a test suite of two p4200's, two IBM PS/2 model 60's, and 3

    PS/2 p4200 p4200 PS/2
      | | | | | |
      V V V V V V
    --------------- ----------- ---------------
       Ether Ether Ether

Running the MIT/CMU PC/IP Ping between the two PS/2's continuously
I see packet losses (i.e. response timeouts) on the order of 1 in
every 2500 ping requests (or 1 every 5000 packets - 1 packet for the
request, one for the response). There is no other traffic, etc on
the nets at the time of the tests. Is this number high? low? ???

I will be glad to summarize to the net, as well as provide more
quantitative information as I continue the studies.

Frank Kastenholz
Atex/Eastman Kodak

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