What about HP/UX ARP cache and rtnet structure?

Robert Allen (robert@spam.istc.sri.com)
Tue, 20 Sep 88 14:52:33 PDT

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Subject: ARP cache on HP9000/300 & rtnet structure ????
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I am engaged in porting some neworking software to an HP9000/300.
The software was written for 4.2/4.3 BSD compatibility, so it will
not port directly to HP/UX 6.01. Currently I am trying to solve some
of the problems encountered in the port, and as a result I have two
questions for people "in the know":

    (1) I've heard rumor that HP/UX 6.01 has removed the ARP cache
        from the kernel (ie. it is gone from the operating system).
        Is this true? If so, why was it done? If so, how often is
        ARPing done, and how/where is the result stored? If so, will
        the ARP cache ever be put back?

    (2) Since HP/UX 6.01 has removed the rtnet and rthost structures
        from the publically available header files where BSD keeps
        them, and has put them into route.c, I'm wondering if the
        network and host routing tables are exactly the same as under
        4.2 or 4.3 BSD. If not could someone post what the structure
        is like?

Thanks much.

  Robert Allen,
                                            415-859-2143 (work phone, days)

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