Washington DC-area ACM SIGCOMM Meeting

19 Sep 88 10:59 EST

An opportunity to learn what the other side of the fence is up to...


                       WASHINGTON DC SIGCOMM

                Association for Computing Machinery
                     Washington, D.C. Chapter
                     Special Interest Group on
                        Data Communications



DATE: Wednesday, October 12, 1988

SPEAKER: Daniel J. Blum, Corporation for Open Systems

TIME: 7:30 P.M.

PLACE: Corporation for Open Systems
                     1750 Old Meadow Road
                     McLean, VA

                     Directions: From the Beltway, take route 123 north
                     toward D.C. Take the first right onto Old Meadow Road.
                     COS is in the third building on the right and is brick
                     and smoked glass. The parking garage is in the rear,
                     and you must enter the building from the rear. Look for
                     directions on the door for entry to the building. Take
                     the elevator to the fourth floor and look for a sign to
                     the meeting room.

INFORMATION: Andrew Partan, "asp@cos.com" (703) 883-2796
                     Ella Gardner, "gardner@gmuvax.gmu.edu", (703) 790-8920

ABSTRACT: The 1988 X.500 joint CCITT-ISO OSI Directory Standard is
                     approaching completion, and products are beginning to
                     appear on the market. Daniel J. Blum will describe the
                     technical content of X.500, its place in the OSI
                     architecture, and how it will serve other OSI
                     applications such as X.400. He will also discuss the
                     state of X.500 conformance test technology and the
                     direction of ongoing standards work.

BIOGRAPHY: Mr. Daniel J. Blum is currently attached to the
                     Engineering Division at COS where he develops software
                     for X.400 and other OSI-based software. Mr. Blum also
                     tracks X.500 directory issues and serves as the National
                     Bureau of Standards Implementor's Workshop X.500 SIG
                     Editor. Prior to arriving at COS, he was employed at
                     Dialcom, Inc. where he implemented a directory


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