Re: Questions on IP & 802.2,3 & use or value of streams.

Doug McCallum (dougm@violet.ICO.ISC.COM)
Mon, 19 Sep 88 21:10:22 mdt

In reply to your message of Fri, 16 Sep 88 15:56:19 EDT

> 1) Anyone using IP over 802.2 LLC or 802.3 MAC layers in commerical or
> academic products? (Commercial folks are interested in having their
> products conform to "standards").

I don't know if it is in very wide use, but there are a number of vendors
that support it as an option.

> 2) What is ATT's streams used for: like Berkeley's sockets, to provide
> access to protocol families? Is there a "native" streams protocol or
> protocol suite? And more concrete: just like TCP/IP is being or will be
> delivered with streams, are there other protocol suits available
> (commerically or otherwise) with a streams interface?, say ISO's?

AT&T STREAMS is a framework in which to implement communications protocols.
There is no native Streams protocol. That is, with a generic base system
you get no communications protocols, just the tools to implement them. TLI
is the AT&T equivalent to sockets in the V.3 environment. There has been
much discussion about TLI vs. sockets in this group in the past so I won't
get into that.

There are a number of protocol suites available. A number of vendors have
TCP/IP implementations. There are also ISO and XNS implementations that I
know of plus some others proprietary to various vendors.

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