Re: BFTP Sources

Annette DeSchon (
Mon, 19 Sep 88 09:44:52 PST

> Slight correction to the file name fot rhe BFTP sources at
> VENERA.ISI.EDU. After trying to get them with a script, i discovered
> that the name is not BFTP.1.tar.Z, but BFTP.2.tar.Z.
> ^
> -jim mccoy


As bug fixes or improvements are added to BFTP, I will be advancing
the version number on the BFTP tar file. (In this case, the path name
on a reference to an include-file was corrected.) If there is a major
advance, I'll make an announcement on the tcp-ip list, otherwise you
should be able to tell whether you've got the latest version by checking
the number. Sorry about the confusion.


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