Re: SGMP confusion
Sun, 18 Sep 88 12:43:08 PDT

>> This came when I was compiling the code. There is a call in
>> sgmp/src/sgmpwatch/main.c on line 121 that goes like this:
>> nstob(argv[option_count+1],number);
>> and seems to convert an internet number in dotted decimal notation
>> to an unsigned int (network or host order address??). I just
>> commented this line out, and limited the application to only using
>> host names. Not nice, but it should work.

I removed some dead code and apparently missed a place. Changing the above
line to the following should do what you want. This change has not been
tested yet.

    *number = dotto32bit(argv[option_count + 1]);

The /etc/sgmp.variables file that is distributed with the RPI tools is not
guaranteed to be correct for anything other then the cisco specific
variables. You should check with your vendor to make sure you obtain their
correct implementation specific variables.

Greg Satz
cisco Systems

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