Re: ICMP's & IP src addrs

Farokh J. Deboo (bridge2!fjd@Sun.COM)
Sat, 17 Sep 88 23:20:32 PDT

In this discussion, although we have determined that the source address
to be used for the ICMP echo response should be the internet address of
the responding interface (as opposed to the destination address of the
original broadcast ICMP echo request), there have been differing opinions
as to whether an echo response should at all be generated to the original
broadcast ICMP echo request.

Can we reach some consensus on this issue, and perhaps issue the result-
ing statements in an enhanced RFC? Or is it already part of the Host Re-
quirements RFC (where can I get a copy?).

RFC 792 already states the following about when NOT to generate ICMP

1. To avoid the infinite regression of messages about messages etc., no
     ICMP (error) messages are sent about ICMP messages.

2. Also ICMP messages are only sent about errors in handling fragment
     zero of fragmented datagrams.

Farokh Deboo (sun!bridge2!fjd)
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