Re: ICMP's & IP src addrs

Sat, 17 Sep 88 11:18:25 EDT

>And I am sure that someones bridge will then decide that they know
>where "the broadcast address" lives and stop forwarding it.
>I have seen this (anti-social) behavior in DEC Lanbridges and it
>does not bode well for the network until someone resets the beast.
>Takes a while to find if you aren't looking for it.

Now wait a minute....It's one thing to reply to the local IP broadcast
address - it's another thing to use the Ethernet broadcast address as
your source address! DEC Lanbridges don't look at anything higher than
that. They should ignore multicast/broadcast addresses as a source
address (although I don't really know if they do).

I have enough problems with the ARP storms on my network from good (and
also from incorrect) broadcast addresses.

Doug Nelson
Michigan State University

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