Re: Does TCP/IP "comform" to ISO/OSI?

Mark Levine (sword!arrow!
16 Sep 88 23:21:32 GMT

In article <> cperry@BERT.MITRE.ORG (Chris Perry) writes:
>What I surmise, particularly from Dave Cheriton's Blazenet writings
>and from AT&T/Bellcore's current work on high-speed switching fabrics,
>is that we must begin to look at protocol architectures that exploit
>the coming broadband media.

>And who's going to set an agenda for exploring what we can do with

Seems to me you have stated the answer above the question. The group I work
with, the Integrated Media Architecture Laboratory at Bellcore, is decidedly
in the business of exploring what we can do with BISDN and fast networked
media, not to mention how to construct the network. There seems to be quite
a bit of interest from people in the telecommunications business now.

By the by, ATT and Bellcore are VERY different organizations, and they aren't
really allowed joint cooperative work as I understand a certain modification of
consent decree (but I am not an official company spokesman, either!). I know
you did not make it explicit, but they have a "thing" about lumping ATT and
Bellcore work together like that. We need to look at hardware architectures
for the things connected to those networks at least as hard as the protocols
employed. I suspect all the manufacturers of that hardware (CPE) will be as
interested in doing their own research as the carriers of the information
between that hardware.

Eleazor bar Shimon, once and future Carolingian

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