Batch Processing -- via SMTP...

16 Sep 88 16:08:03 GMT

    It appears that BATCH processing is something that is missing from the
network data communications scheme. There are many users who use remote
online services to access and retrieve files on a regular basis. Many of
those users would be better served if their data needs could be satisfied by
some sort of batch request. An example is the way in which one may receive
copies of RFCs from by sending an E-mail request.
From: jed@mitre-bedford.ARPA (John E. Daum)
Path: mbunix!jed

    Additionally, a priority mechanism could be of value whereby urgent
requests for data-extracts/file retrievals could be satisfied before routine
requests (possibly analogous to some combination of the services from Federal
Express, UPS, and the US-Mail).


    The user would not have to actively contend for resources on the network
and destination host. Thus the retrieval of data would require less user
time. Subsequently, the ease of obtaining data improves the flow of


    What are the possibilities for expanding SMTP to provide a mechanism to
allow batch processing to occur over the network(s)?

    Are there any Concerns/Technicolor-Herrings re: Security or Host
Processing Load?


John Daum ARPA:

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