Re: ICMP's & IP src addrs (
16 Sep 88 16:17:59 GMT

In article <> (Tait Cyrus) writes:
>In article <8809151450.AA23101@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> tmallory@PARK-STREET.BBN.COM writes:
>>Flame: An ICMP echo to a broadcast address should get no response! What an
>>incredibly obnoxious thing to do!
>What do you mean it should get no response? It is a legal broadcast
>that all machines should reply to.
        No, no, no. ICMP messages are special, because they are error
messages. They must be treated carefully and conservatively. You
should not respond to a broadcast with an ICMP message, even if the
source of the broadcast is an ICMP message.
        I refer you to the upcoming Host Req'ts RFC and/or Bob Braden,
Craig Partridge, et al for further details.

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