Questions on IP & 802.2,3 & use or value of streams.

Jose Rodriguez (jose@MCL.UNISYS.COM)
Fri, 16 Sep 88 15:56:19 EDT


Now that every computer manufacturer must support TCP/IP, people in the
commerical side of my company have asked me two questions, one TCP/IP
related, the other streams related which not having the answers myself,
I would like to ask in this forum:

1) Anyone using IP over 802.2 LLC or 802.3 MAC layers in commerical or
academic products? (Commercial folks are interested in having their
products conform to "standards").

2) What is ATT's streams used for: like Berkeley's sockets, to provide
access to protocol families? Is there a "native" streams protocol or
protocol suite? And more concrete: just like TCP/IP is being or will be
delivered with streams, are there other protocol suits available
(commerically or otherwise) with a streams interface?, say ISO's?

thanks for your help,

Jose M. Rodriguez
Unisys McLean R&D

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