Re: possible network bogons

Mike Brescia (brescia@PARK-STREET.BBN.COM)
Fri, 16 Sep 88 13:12:15 -0400

Sorry, I sent one answer when the question came over the 'gated' list, but
forgot to answer the question to 'tcp-ip'.

    [gated error message ]
> rt_NRupdate: net not class A, B or C from

Speaking for the 'core', of which is a member, those are nets that
someone sent in, and we do not discard. I think it is not long lived, because
I did not see them in the routing table around 2pm this [wed] afternoon. This
is some sort of bogus packet that arrived from some other place, and I think
there is not much we can do until we can catch them red handed.

A reasonable place to ask this question is on the mailing list
''. If you wish also to subscribe to the list, send your
request to '' (no surprise there :-).

Can you say how many times per day you see a particular net? Does it cause
you to be unable to reach some net you think should reachable?

Mike Brescia

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