re:Need help with TCP/IP broadcast address

Mohsen Mortazavi (mohsen@TWG.COM)
15 Sep 88 11:37:00 PDT

Version 2.2 of The Wollongong's Group TCP/IP allows you to set the broadcast
address of an interface. The "ifconfig" usage message however did not list
"broadcast" as a vaild parameter. The usage message has now been corrected.
The man page for ifconfig lists broadcast as a vaild parameter.

The default broadcast address for hosts using Version 2.2 (BSD 4.3) is an
address with the host part of all 1's which is in conformance with RFC 919.
In 4.2 BSD, the broadcast address was the address with a host par
t of all 0s.

If you have a mixture of hosts running the 4.2 and 4.3 based TCP/IP, it is best to use a broadcast address with a host part of all 0's which is recognized by
both. In order to do so you need to include an "ifconfig" command in
/etc/rc2.d/S86win3b to set the broadcast address each time network is started.
You should include the "ifconfig" command after the "inetinit" in this file.
For example, if you have a host with an internet address of you
should include the following line in S8

        /usr/etc/ifconfig en0 broadcast

Where en0 is the interface, and 80 is the network.

Mohsen Mortazavi

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