Re: tn3270 on SUNos 4.0

Dan Ehrlich (blitz!
12 Sep 88 15:26:29 GMT

In article <> (Tom Corsetti) writes:
>I'm posting this article for a friend here who has no access to 'news'.
>He has a sun4 running sunos 4.0 (all the 4.3 bsd stuff). He's trying
>to get tn3270 (the telnet for emulating ibm 3270 type terminals) to
>work. He says that it compiles ok using the makefile for 4.3 bsd. But
>when he tries to run it, he gets a segmentation fault when the software
>appears to be trying to make a connection. Has anyone out there got
>any suggestions, or run into this problem before? Thanks in advance!
> - Tom Corsetti

Somewhere in TN3270 a null pointer is being dereferenced. I do not
remember exactly which module(s) was (were) at fault, but we found it
pretty quickly using DBX. I will diff what we compiled on our Sun4
against what is running on our VAX and post the diffs if someelse
hasn't already done so.

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