SGMP confusion

Mark D. Eggers (
Wed, 14 Sep 88 17:29:53 est

I am trying to implement the latest version of the SGMP code
obtained from I am using this code on a microVAX
running Ultrix V2.2 with p4200 routers running Rev 8.0 of the
router software.

Problem 1

This came when I was compiling the code. There is a call in
sgmp/src/sgmpwatch/main.c on line 121 that goes like this:


and seems to convert an internet number in dotted decimal notation
to an unsigned int (network or host order address??). I just
commented this line out, and limited the application to only using
host names. Not nice, but it should work.

Problem 2

This comes from my inability (currently) to understand RFC 1028 and
how the variables are specified. On page 13, a generic variable
can be specified in the following manner:

_GW_version_id 01 01 01
_GW_net_if_type_net1 01 03 01 03 01

Now, in the appendix on Proteon variable names, the following
preamble is given:

_GW_impl_Proteon_p4200-R7.4_devpn 01 FF 01 01 04

with the sentence saying 'followed by the name of said network
interface as described above' (page 27). To me, that means the
following construct should be valid.

_GW_impl_Proteon_p4200-R7.4_devpn_net1 01 FF 01 01 04 01

Now later on in the RFC, the variable descriptions keep having
the sentence that has in part 'on the network interface identified
by the initial portion of its name'. Thus, for the not in ring
variable, should the construct be

_GW_impl_Proteon_p4200-R7.4_devpn_net1_not-in-ring 01 FF 01 01 04 01 07


_GW_impl_Proteon_p4200-R7.4_devpn_not-in-ring_net1 01 FF 01 01 04 07 01

I know the text seems to state the former, but it doesn't mesh with the
patterns set up on page 13 (at least to me).

A few odds and ends

The sgmp.variables file has dev-pn instead of devpn. The RFC states that
the Proteon variables can change without notice. I assume that
the ftp'ed file is correct? Also, I am running R8.0, so should the
preamble be 01 FF 01 02? And finally - are there different variable
designations for Pronet 4, 10, and 80?

Thanks for putting up with such a long list of confusions.

Mark Eggers, Network Communications Analyst, University of Notre Dame

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