Bastard protocol families?

R.H. coast near the top (eagle_snax!
9 Sep 88 20:39:00 GMT

>From last week's issue of MacWEEK, in an article discussing Apple's
forthcoming TCP/IP products:

     "Apple's interest in TCP/IP will legitimize the protocol in much
     the same manner that A/UX legitimized UNIX," said Vint Cerf,
     Vice President of ... a nonprofit thinktank in Reston VA.

Here at Sun ECD we all stood aghast at the thought we had been working
with illegitimate protocols. We should all be ashamed at ourselves....
(I blame it all on MAP, actually - we all need to cultivate writing
at 7th grade level, so that people will understand and legitimize our
work. :-)

Of course Vint's comment was (presumably) intended as a way of poking fun
at that section of the Apple community who seem to believe that A/UX did
indeed "legitimize Unix." But how did he manage to keep a straight face
when he said it?

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