Shutting down sockets - HELP

cattelld (mcvax!ukc!stc!idec!prlhp1!
12 Sep 88 08:09:38 GMT

HELP ! An apparent flaw in BSD sockets (on an Apollo
workstation) is giving me hassle!

If I open a socket and bind an address to it and the program
subesequently crashes, how can I release that address from its
original use so I can reuse it on a subsequent invocation of
the same program ? Currently one crash precipitates another,
or at least prevents the program functioning.

I can't find any command which will do this, and I don't want
to have to shut down the node repeatedly (particularly whilst

Alternatively is it possible to force a binding of a socket
to an apparently used address.

Please post any replies to:

Many thanks,
David Cattell.

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