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Leo J McLaughlin (ljm@twg.com)
12 Sep 88 17:17:00 PDT

>Is anyone aware of an ad hoc standard for encapsulating IP
>over netware (IPX)? I know it might sound gross, but it is
>occasionally very useful. At our site, for instance, netware
>is ubiquitous...

I'll be presenting a paper at the February UniForum titled: "Integrating
Proprietary Networks into IP-based Internets". Wollongong has supported
a number of experiments in this field. Of these, IP over IPX is the purest
example of network tunneling.

Our experiences have shown us the necessity for an Internet standard for
IP over NetBIOS and IP over IPX. I've been working on proposals for both
standards; the NetBIOS specifcation was just completed and the IPX
specification is under way.

Comments on the NetBIOS specifcation (and/or IPX when it is finished)
are greatly desired. Anyone who wishes to recieve a copy should send me
mail at mail at ljm@twg.com.

leo j mclaughlin iii
Project Leader
The Wollongong Group

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