History of Internetting Book

Mon 12 Sep 88 20:25:34-EDT

Well, A new book has come out that looks great. It is a careful selection
of about 40 articles and papers in internetting that have appeared elsewhere
in the past 20 years. It draws on the experiences of the major networking
protocols: TCP/IP, DECNET, SNA, PUP and OSI. The book is about 550
pages and costs $72, with an intor price of $61 if you order before Oct. 26th.
The editor is Craig Partridge of BBN, who is also the new editor of ACM's
SIGCOMM quarterly. The ordering info is:

"Innovations in Internetworking", ed. C. Partridge. Published by Artech
House. ISBN #0-89006-337-0. You can order by phone (800-225-9977 or

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