It's in print, so it must be true...

Barry Shein (
Mon, 12 Sep 88 18:02:56 EDT

And, to risk being accused of a keen eye for the obvious, maintain a
sense of humor or don't give interviews unless you're very comfortable
with the interviewer and the possibility of being misquoted or
misunderstood, it's inevitable in my experience.

ComputerWorld interviewed me about some stuff a while back and managed
to botch the organizational tree and which dept was doing what for
whom. I guess it trod on some internal sensitive spots, no one outside
could possibly have spotted the errors and some were quite
understandable. Didn't stop people from appearing at my door, angry,
pointing out that X doesn't work for Y or the Z group doesn't do that!

Of course not, of course they knew I knew, of course they realized the
reporter had filled in various holes by himself, didn't stop the
complaints, as if I had written the article.

Ah well, at least they got almost all the tech stuff right, and that's
what the article was about.

        -Barry Shein, ||Encore||

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