Apollo Domain ring tcp

Mon, 12 Sep 88 11:18:38 EDT

     We have a domain ring of Apollos with an ethernet card in one of them.
Our desire is to use the ageis tcpip gateway software to connect the machines
on the domain ring to our campus network as a separate subnet. The machine
that has the ethernet interface is reachable from the outside world and can
reach the world. The problem is that the machines on the domain ring can't be
reached and even tho they seem to send out packets addressed to the proper
machine on the local net, there seems to be no answer from the local machine.

I would be interested in talking with anyone who has set up this kind of
net with apollo workstations.
      apollo a apollo b ethernet 128.192.1.x
         --------------------------- domain

 Thanks in advance.
                               David Quarterman (Tiger@fevax.uga.edu)

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