Re: It's in print, so it must be true...

Mon, 12 Sep 88 14:19:11 -0400

> I also asked to see a copy of his article before publication so I could
> correct any technical errors he might have made.

Journalists are essentially never willing to do this, not necessarily
because they are "stupid and arrogant" or even intolerant of
"censorship". Newspaper/magazine articles somehow always end up being
finished at close to the absolute last possible minute (even for a
monthly). There's usually just not time for a review by anyone
outside the chain of command.

I think it's better to write some things down--or if it's a phone
interview, which is a particularly good source of misunderstandings,
send something written summarizing the things you said, and let the
journalist know that you're doing it. For a weekly or monthly, your
mail may well be received in time for the person you spoke with to
correct things like "3/160" vs. "360". (The editor may change it right
back, of course...)

        Dan Franklin

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