Re: trailers and their subtleties

Bill Nowicki (nowicki@Sun.COM)
Mon, 12 Sep 88 10:02:38 PDT

While we are on the subject of trailers, we recently ran into the following
question. Right now we have to support trailers on Ethernet, in case
someone else sends them, but what about the IEEE 802.2-based networks?
For example, 802.3 (with the SNAP headers), Token rings, FDDI, etc.
Given the inter-operability problems that trailers have caused in the past,
I would like to say "good riddance" to them on the more modern networks.
What do people think? Will we be flamed mercilessly again for getting rid
of trailers? Or flamed mercilessly for propagating them?

        -- Bill Nowicki
           Sun Microsystems

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