Re: Does TCP/IP "comform" to ISO/OSI?

Merton Campbell Crockett (mcc@ETN-WLV.EATON.COM)
Fri, 9 Sep 88 23:13:05 PDT


I agree that the ISO OSI model has to be re-examined; however, I doubt that
it has any particular relevance to the discussion of a protocol or any suite
of protocols. While it is useful to clearly state the logical procedures
that must be performed to establish a link to reliably transfer data between
two (2) points on a network, it is somewhat absurd to codify these logical
procedures as the ISO has done and then attempt to define a suite of protocols
to implement these logical procedures.

I am not stating that there is no need to have a protocol "stack"; however,
I don't understand the apparent, wide-spread belief that each protocol in
the "stack" must be implemented as isolated procedures or separate processes.
>From practical experience in implementing message handling and distribution
systems and communication networks, the logical procedures defined in the
OSI model are, by necessity, repeated in each layer of the protocol "stack"
in order to ensure a reliable communication link.

Do you have an extra Kelvar jacket and fire extinguisher?


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