Re: Does TCP/IP "comform" to ISO/OSI? (
9 Sep 88 15:12:30 GMT

In article <12429004411.28.LYNCH@A.ISI.EDU> LYNCH@A.ISI.EDU (Dan Lynch) writes:
>Hey, Michael and Marshall, I'd love to see you two duke it out (Or violently
>agree) on the Layer 5-7 "in ain't the same as out" issue that surfaced in
>the recent messages.

        I agree with Dan. If map and mtr could turn this discussion
around and try to find some common ground and consensus between their
two opposing viewpoints, I wonder if they wouldn't have the start of a
new model that might take this discourse up to another plateau?

        The only thing good about the ISORM, or the TCP/IP model, is
that it gives us a map (no pun :-) and a glossary for conversing about
protocols. Neither model seems entirely adequate. Network
management, for example, seems to have broken both models. [no
flames, please]. Thankfully, that doesn't stop the implementors or

        I think the considerable expertise of Padlipsky, Rose, Karn,
et al could make some progress along these lines and transform this
discussion from a memorable summer diversion into the beginning of
something new. How about it? We need some common ground.

        [Let's see; where did I put my Kevlar flak jacket and fire

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