Re: It's in print, so it must be true...

Rick Adams (rick@seismo.CSS.GOV)
Fri, 9 Sep 88 12:58:33 EDT

You're leaving out stupidity and arrogance.

I once talked to a "reporter" for Computer Decisions about the TCP/IP
fiber optic network we were running (this was 1983 or 84 and there
wasn't much fiber around).

Among other things, I said that we were running Sun 3/160

I also asked to see a copy of his article before publication so I could
correct any technical errors he might have made.

The arrogant twit gave be a big speech about how he was a
"professional" and did not tolerate "censorship" of his "work".

Well, it seems that Mr. Professional wasn't very smart and had never
heard of Sun 3/160s. So he "corrected" me in the article and when it
was published we ended up running a network of IBM 360s.

(I got calls from people trying to sell me IBM services for over a year
after that article).

Moral: Never rely on the information in a trade magazine for any
reason. You MUST verify it yourself if you are doing something that
depends on it.


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