multivendor SNMP interoperability success

Martin Lee Schoffstall (
Thu, 8 Sep 88 17:45:33 EDT

On the 7th and 8th of September the "Simple
Network Management Protocol" (SNMP, RFC1067) was successfully tested for
interoperability by multiple vendors with multiple implementations.

Additionally, the
Structure of Management Information (SMI, RFC1065) and the Management
information Base (MIB, RFC-1066) were rigoursly (and successfully) tested for

Users can now be confident that both Network Management Stations (NMS) and
the imbedded agent/servers in terminal-servers, gateways, hosts, etc will
uniformly interoperate.

This SNMP "Connectathon" was held at NYSERNet's headquarters in Troy, NY.

Martin Lee Schoffstall
Director of Technology

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