Re: telnet server code

Joseph P. Thomas (
Thu, 8 Sep 88 11:37:44 CDT

> I have been experimenting with the KA9Q TCP/IP package both under DOS
> and under SCO Xenix. So far I have a variant of the package running as
> a background FTP and SMTP server under Xenix. The biggest limitation
> of the package for serious server usage is the lack of a Telnet server.
> Could some kind soul out there point me at some existing telnet code
> that I could access to integrate into the KA9Q stuff; it would make life
> much easier. If anyone else is interested in this package under Xenix
> send me some email and I can let you know the details.
> Please email and I will summarize should
> interest warrant it.
> Thanks so much,
> --
> Jack F. Vogel
> Turnkey Computer Consultants, Costa Mesa, CA
> UUCP: ...{nosc|uunet}!turnkey!jack
> Internet: jack@turnkey.TCC.COM

        I was wondering if you could send me info on the changes you made ( or
a diff listing ). Thanks.

Joseph Thomas
Minnesota SuperComputer Center, Inc
Internet: ( / )

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