Re: Multiple TCP/IP Servers

Dave Crocker (dcrocker@TWG.COM)
8 Sep 88 08:10:00 PDT

Darren, your suggestion for the use of alternate, parallel routes is
well-taken; however, the accepted means of getting different routing
services from the network involves two actions by the sending host:

1. If the sending host is multiply-connected, then different interfaces may
be used to start the packet on its way;

2. For step #1 and again for use by every IP router, the sending application
should specify a level of service, which should be translated by the sending
host into the IP TOS field. Therefore, network transmission software does
not need to look up into higher layers.

The catch, of course, is that the TOS field is not in general use by
sending software and is not in general use by routing software, although
there is increasing pressure on the vendor community to start setting and
paying attention to the field.


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