Route and Gateway Tools?

Ken Mandelberg (emory!
8 Sep 88 13:04:20 GMT

Here is the motivation for this ill defined question. Our connection to
the Internet is via Suranet, which is itself connected with a Proteon
ring. There are apparently both official and unofficial gateways to
other components of the Internet. When the official one goes down the
Internet looks partitioned to us. However, during these down periods
our next door neighbor on the ring still gets connectivity apparently
by using some other gateway (not local to his site).

I am wondering what tools are available for tracking routes. We would
like to see how our neighbor manages to get out when we can't. In
general are their any Unix host based programs that can track packets?
Is there a host based program that can broadcast a request of the sort
"which gateways know how to get to XXX"?

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