Re: It's in print, so it must be true...

Rex A. Buddenberg (tetra!
7 Sep 88 21:26:36 GMT


No trends to report in Network World, but I second some of your
comments. Couple months back, NW published a front page article
on SAFENET. The reporter interviewed (now retired) Cdr Marc
Poland who was the Navy's program manager for the standardization
effort. The reporter went away with a manuscript that he and I had
written, in anticipation of such events. The reason the article was
tolerably accurate was that I read an awful lot of what I had
written! A lot of cut & paste going on.

The current issue (arrived today) has an article on comparing
throughput for various LANs. I thought I understood the issue,
and can explain it to others. But after reading this hack job,
I'm not so sure....:-)

Rex Buddenberg

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