Need help with TCP/IP broadcast address

Don Ferencz (cwjcc!cwsys3.cwru.Edu!
7 Sep 88 18:53:15 GMT

Hi there.

I have a rather specific problem dealing with the following variables
(those of you without any of these can safely go on):

We have the Wollongong group's Enhanced TCP/IP Package (WIN-3B) installed
on three AT&T 3B2/310 computers here in our department. They are
networked with the campus Ethernet connection; and then on out to the

The problem I have is trying to set the default broadcast address
with this particular version of TCP/IP -- the "ifconfig" does _NOT_
support the "broadcast" parameter; thus I am left to programming my own
"sockets" utility to change the default broadcast. I have no
experience in sockets; however, I have succeeded in opening the
socket to perform an ioctl() to the "ni" driver. Each SIOCGIFBRDADDR
(for Socket IO Configuration InterFace Get BRoaDcast ADDRess, I assume) fails
with the generic "Invalid Argument", errno = 22. Is anyone
familiar with this particular package, and its caveats? Has anyone
got an easier way to change the broadcast address?

This is _quite_ a special interest concern, I'm sure, so just
mail me. Thanks in advance!

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