Looking for more complete FTP implementations

Brian Lloyd (wb6rqn!brian@uunet.UU.NET)
29 Aug 88 14:24:23 EDT (Mon)

Here at Sirius Systems we have just about completed our new FTP server and
are looking for others with whom we might exchange files at the upcoming
Interop-88 show. At the show we expect to have the following features:

Modes: Stream, Block, and Compressed
Structure: File and Record
Type: ASCII and Image
Format: Noprint, TELNET, and Control (ASA)

We are not going to do structure page since we do not run on
DECSystem-20's. Neither are we going to support type EBCDIC since the
hosts speak ASCII. We are also not going to implement the following FTP
commands since they would serve no function on our hosts:


In addition to the above we plan to implement the ability to restart a
failed transfer from a checkpoint. For those of you who care, we use
5120 octets (bytes) as our checkpoint interval (unless someone else can
give us a good reason to use some other value or formula).

If you have an FTP that can do more than the minimum defined
implementation we would like to hear from you. Thanks.

Brian Lloyd
Sirius Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 2202
Petersburg, VA 23804
(804) 733-7944
Share and enjoy!

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