EtherNet cabling recommendations wanted

Alan Epstein (metasoft!
5 Sep 88 02:32:16 GMT

we are about to run a thin-net cable across the street from
our server to link a client workstation. the distance is
approximately 400' through a narrow conduit, then another
150' or so, via the telephone switching center. the other
end also passes the telephone switching room, but is much
shorter (30').

what type of cable would be practical, and what might be
optimal. i would assume we need shielded coaxial, but does
it have to be extra shielded? what might this type of cable
cost? i've heard the name beldon, but don't know what
that is or whether we need it?

any suggestions?



Alan Epstein
Meta Software Corp UUCP: ...bbn!metasoft!alan
150 Cambridgepark Dr Internet/ARPA:
Cambridge, MA 02140 USA

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