Re: Does TCP/IP "comform" to ISO/OSI?

Rich Brennan (spdcc!merk!
4 Sep 88 06:13:00 GMT

>map: Tastes Great!
>mtr: Less Filling!
>map: It's a floor wax!
>mtr: It's a desert topping!
>map: It's a candy mint!
>mtr: It's a breath mint!


  Into which "reference model" do you think this "discussion" fits?

The Lite Beer RM:

        Rodney Dangerfield: I back the "ARM" because it doesn't get
                any respect.
        Bob Eucher: I favor the OSIRM because the government put it in
                the "front row".

The World Wrestling Federation RM:

        Hulk Hogan: Oh yeah? Well I bet my 7 layer RM could just crush
                your RM.
        Andre the Giant: Think so?!?!? My RM will hit your RM so hard your
                whole protocol stack will die!

The Three Stooges RM:

        Moe: "Spread out!
        Larry: Hey Moe, leave him alone!
        Moe: C'mere, porcupine, I'll tear your tonsils out!

(just kidding, fellas :-)

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