Re: Sun netstat traffic for DECNet

Bill Melohn (melohn@Sun.COM)
Sat, 3 Sep 88 23:46:05 PDT

In article <In article <530@suned1.UUCP> In article <530@suned1.UUCP> efb@suned1.UUCP (Everett F. Batey II) writes:
>Is there any experience using Sun network tools, traffic, netstat, etc to
>monitor and diagnose DECNET or DEC LAT, DEC PCSA? Do any of the Sun
>services know how to identify the DEC protos?

Etherfind in SunOS 4.0, and etherfind and traffic shipped with Sunlink
DNI 5.0 understand DECnet packets, and will display what DECnet node
address they are from. LAT (definetly) and PCSA (presumably) are DEC
propritary protocols which these tools do not handle.

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