sendmail and SMTP

Dave Arnold (rochester!ritcv!cci632!ccicpg!arnold!
3 Sep 88 03:45:39 GMT


I want to run SMTP on System V. Is this possible?
Do I need sendmail? If so, just what does sendmail
give me that smail doesn't?

Why do I ask? We are running VAX/VMS with Micom-Interlan
TCP/IP package which includes SMTPD hooked-up on a LAN
with Digital Sound Voice servers running a variant of System V.1.
It just isn't clear to me how you can get SMTP running on System V,
and how sendmail fits in to the picture.

For those of you brave enough to reply... Thanks!

Dave Arnold
dave@arnold.UUCP	{cci632|uunet}!ccicpg!arnold!dave

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