Re: Host-down redirects?

Mike Brescia (brescia@PARK-STREET.BBN.COM)
Fri, 02 Sep 88 10:48:44 -0400

     ... SIMTEL20 came back online after being down for 18 days ... activated
     duplicate logins on our sister site ...

Logical addressing is what you might use to direct connections to an alternate

1. Since tac connections are probably still done numerically by your users,
you could educate them about opening connections by name if the name server
version of TACACS is running.

2. For long-term (more than a week) outage, you could try changing your host
table entry at your domain name server (or the NIC). Even hosts that use the
NIC host table should eventually get the address change.

3. On an arpanet (e.g. the Milnet), the PSN's support logical addressing,
both for X.25 and for 1822-AHIP. Your name server and host tables identify
your address as a 'logical' one, such as, and you then can tell
any one (or more) of your hosts to come up with that address. The problem
with this solution is that there are no hosts that implement 1822-AHIP
logical addressing.

4. If you were on an ethernet, you'd get logical addressing for free, and
your host would have to act as multiple addresses on a single interface.

     ... the clever solution to this problem implemented at BRL ...

Was this using ethernet addressing?

Yours for logical networking,

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