Host-down redirects?

Mike St. Johns (stjohns@beast.DDN.MIL)
Fri, 2 Sep 88 09:10:52 edt

   Date: Thu, 01 Sep 88 16:02:24 -0400
   From: Buz Owen <ado@VAX.BBN.COM>

   I believe you could use 1822L logical addressing for this purpose,
   by arranging that only one host enables a particular logical
   address at a time -- i.e. when backing up some other host. Of
   coure you have to using 1822l headers, and be willing to change
   your host addresses, both possibly formidable obstacles. Buz

NO! NO! NO! If *everyone* on the Milnet had a capability for logical
addressing, and a defined mapping between an IP address and a logical
address, this would work. However, we've still got a substantial
community of subscribers who use 1822; those who use X.25 have both
the capability and the defined mappings. Eventually, we hope to
modify the 1822 interface to conform to the 1822L bit mappings and to
allow a vanilla 1822 host to specify a logical address without having
to change its programming. That's a ways in the future - lots of
other things have priority.


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