Re: Multiple TCP/IP servers on one host

Thu, 01 Sep 88 18:29:32 EDT

I'd just like to say that multiple terminal servers on one host will be
a problem for us too. Right now we have a host that has about 700
async dial ports. We expect that network access will begin to supplant
modem access in the near future, as we get our network connections in
gear. Even a cisco ASM with 96 ports (the biggest terminal server that
I know of) wouldn't be enough. Even if it were compatible with our
host, which it isn't.

The solution using the domain name system sounds best because it
doesn't require changing all the Telnet implementations on the
Internet. If the choosing is done in the name server (which seems
necessary to avoid changing all the Telnets), then it is necessary to
set the time to live to a small value, so that the random response
won't be cached and reused many times. This increases the number of
name server requests, but nothing is perfect.

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