Re: wanted - Nameserver binaries for an ULTRIX 2.0

der Mouse (mcgill-vision!
2 Sep 88 06:21:25 GMT

In article <8808231849.AA06055@beast.DDN.MIL>, stjohns@BEAST.DDN.MIL (Mike St. Johns) writes:
> The subject says it all - I've got the named/domaind stuff from
> Berkeley, but since I've got a binary only system - I've got some
> trouble even getting the libraries built!

You shouldn't need more than a binary system. I'd be glad to move this
to private mail and discuss exactly what's going wrong and what could
be causing it. I know of at least one Ultrix 2.x machine with a
nameserver running on it, so it certainly ought to be possible.

                                        der Mouse

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