Re: Telnet Options Commonly Supported (
1 Sep 88 22:27:16 GMT

        Bill Barns from MITRE <> and Craig
Partridge <craig@NNSC.NSF.NET> from BBN both pointed me toward the
upcoming Host Requirements RFC. This is exactly what I was looking
for. This RFC looks like the be all and end all of the definitive
state of the RFCs related to implementations of telnet (and everything
else :-). I was looking for a "state of telnet" document to help me
determine the strengths and weaknesses of commercial telnet terminal
servers. [Perhaps the authors won't like me using this RFC for that
purpose, we'll see what they say when they publish it.] I was finding
it quite difficult to figure out the mass of RFCs related to telnet.
I basically wanted an analytically defined checklist to run through
when checking out a telnet implementation to make sure that there were
no glaring weaknesses in a particular implementation.

        We'll see if this new RFC won't handle this purpose when it is
published. Meanwhile, there is no need for anyone else to write such
an evaluation guide. (Thank goodness!)

        Kent England, BU

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