It's in print, so it must be true...

Marshall Rose (mrose@TWG.COM)
Thu, 01 Sep 88 14:20:48 -0700

Just when you think Padlipsky and Karn have hit the depths of extremism,
here we have something from the other side of the spectrum:

Reading from the Opinions section of Network World, August 29, 1988 on
page 27, from an article entitled "The long, bumpy migration path to

    "OSI, on the other hand is significantly superior to TCP/IP in every
    way: at every protocol layer, in every class of protocol and in
    every application, the richness of OSI application-layer protocols
    is evident to every user."

The author's name is Jeff Horn, he is a consultant with Network
Strategies, Inc., a communications consulting firm in Fairfax, VA.

Phil -- I encourage you to send a nasty letter to either the author or
Network World. This is the second time in one week when I've read an
article claiming the technical superiority of OSI over TCP/IP at every
layer. The last article I read said that "OSI was significantly faster
than TCP/IP".

Have fun,


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