Re: KA9Q with MOCOM NI5010

Russ Nelson (sun.soe!!
30 Aug 88 14:27:03 GMT

In article <In article <362@dutrun.UUCP> In article <362@dutrun.UUCP> rcdswal@dutrun.UUCP (Guus van der Wal) writes:

   I have a MICOM interlan NI5010 ethernet adapter in my IBM pc/at.
   I also have Phil Karn's KA9Q TCP-IP software. The KA9Q docs
   only talk about the 3COM 3C500 ethernet card.

   Is there anybody out ther who has (made) KA9Q working with MICOM ??

Ha! Interesting that you should ask that question, since I have recently
ported Bill Doster's NI5010 driver from C (to be compiled in) to a packet
driver. This is not tested, however. You (and in fact, anyone who is
interested) can either debug it yourself or wait until I get a NI5010
loaned to me from another department, which may take as long as two weeks.
I'll mail a copy to anyone who's really hot to get a copy...

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