Re: Multiple TCP/IP servers on one Host.

Casey Leedom (!casey@CS.UCLA.EDU)
1 Sep 88 09:17:12 GMT

In article <24663@bu-cs.BU.EDU> (Kent England) writes:
> Seems to me that name server lookup can handle this
> transparently, so long as the resolver in the client telnet takes
> reasonable actions on the response received.
> This is the same situation as a multi-homed host and I believe
> the name server is set up to handle this with multiple records for a
> single host. Name servers return all addresses listed for a given name.
> The ... telnet client would need to be smart enough to try all returned
> names before giving up on the connection request.

  4.3BSD and later telnet does this (99% assurance - I'd look, to verify
this absolutely, but my ARPANET connection has gone down). If you simply
do the equivalent of:

        a.b.c.d terminal-server
        r.s.t.u terminal-server

and then do "telnet terminal-server", you get the correct response.
If your telnet client doesn't do this, you can grab the latest telnet
client sources from ucbarpa (again this is an "I believe - I hate it when
I can't check things).


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